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Thoal the Web service is a non-interactive analyzer and editor of static HTML documents. See the documentation for clarification on the finer points. The graphic below summarizes the intended utility of thoal as part of a workflow to transform a manuscript document from a word processor to a revised HTML file, a reflowable ebook, etc.

thoal workflow

Quiz Gateway: Use of thoal the Web service may require passing a quiz. Each quiz has one or two multiple-choice quiz questions, typically on topics relevant to Thoal the ebook. The quiz gateway is an interface to a throttle control mechanism by IP address.

Caveat: The thoal Web service comes with no warranty whatsoever. Usage of thoal does not guarantee successful or saleable formatting. Be advised that my experience with thoal the software and the ebook suggests that reflowable ebook formatting that renders properly for the ebook itself does not necessarily render properly for the print preview of that ebook. A self-publishing platform provider controls the preview conversion process of its platform and the normative publication of the technical details thereof.

Next Steps: You might now explore the service webpage to consider the available features, or you might read the documentation to get more comfortable.